2019 Nissan Maxima


The Plan

In August I received a call from Keith, a friend and long-time client from Nissan. They were planning to reveal a fresh update of the Maxima, Nissan’s flagship sedan at the Los Angeles Auto Show. I like working with Keith because he came from the production side and always gives me enough time to get the ducks in a row.

The most important questions are when will the cars be ready, and when is the deadline? To start things off we needed to find a modern home for static shots and a road for driving photos and video B-roll.


Modern Home Location

The “Modern Home” is a popular location choice. I can location scout and see all kinds of amazing homes that are behind a gate in Santa Barbara, Malibu or hidden away in the mountains. I liked this house because of the “2001” like obelisk arch. By using a permit company I avoided the bureaucracy and DMV-like charm of FilmLA.


Driving Location

In SoCal there are only a few private and secure places where you can drive a car or truck for photos or video. With TV money you can block off the 105, but we decided to rent the 11 mile road at Tejon Ranch. For a reasonable fee, a simple permit from Kern County and no need for traffic control from the CHP, it was a no-brainer.

The Results

After a few weeks of planning, location and tech scouting, scheduling and approvals, creating shot lists for the various interested parties, two location days, one studio day, one crazy neighbor, this is some of what we came up with: