A little bit about Mike Ditz

(310)994-0307  mike@mikeditzphoto.com

After spending many years in my native and beloved suburbs of Detroit, I decided to leave my studio life and the cold and snowy midwestern winters for the glorious sunshine and fabulous locations of Southern California.  Who knew it was as good as it looks on TV? I sure didn’t. I couldn’t imagine a life better than the Motor City,  but here it is, the land of eternal sunshine, happiness and traffic.

There is something special about the light in Southern California,  maybe because the sun silently rises in the desert and sets into the ocean with a barely audible ker-sploosh. Whatever it is, I love shooting in it.






I'm standing on an apple box on runway 34R at El Toro, with one eye on some autonomaus Nissans and the other eye looking out for Maverick and Goose.